6 Best Assignment Writing Services in UAE According to Quora

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Have you got an exam coming up? No time to give your assignments? It happens quite often students are faced with these dilemmas on a daily. Not all students can manage everything, which is no surprise considering how crammed schools, degrees, and diplomas can get.

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It is detrimental to your mental well-being and overall health to engage in constant studying and work without taking breaks. According to Quora, there is one thing you can do to rid yourself of that burden. And that’s contacting the best Assignment writing services in the UAE.

According to Quora posts, assignment writing services in the UAE have been around since the dawn of civilization. But the tricky part comes in when deciding which services to choose from, especially since there are so many of them that plagiarize content and are not secure in the first place.

 So, we took it upon ourselves to do the research and choose the best-rated Quora assignment writing facilities based on a service guide. Let us get into it.

Service’s guide

We considered the following critical components in our attempt to justify the six best essay writing services in the UAE:

Help in all subject areas:

When asking Quora for the best writing facilities, we emphasized the importance of websites being jacks of all trades. So, whether you need a 20-page research paper or a one-paragraph essay for any academic or high school discipline, the services on this list have got you covered.

How long they’ve been in business:

This is a frequently overlooked aspect. In the opinion of Quora members, companies they considered legit had to have existed for longer periods of time. It may not be a wise decision to contact facilities that have been in operation for only a few months. So instead, we looked for companies and websites that had been running for at least 7 years.


When it comes to buying a product or seeking a service, we understand well that money is always an issue. Hence, all the websites included in our list provide pricing information directly on their respective websites. What’s more, there are no hidden charges.

Quora’s Top Assignment Writing Services in the UAE


Assignment Help is a great essay writing service based in the UAE, which deserves some attention. Currently, the prices start at AED 45 per page for a college assignment, making it just a bit more expensive compared to other UAE facilities on the market.

However, price is not everything, especially not when we’re talking about college assignments. The price you pay is justified by the quality you receive, which meets the expected standard. Assignment help.ae is made up of over 4000 writers who are experts in 35+ college, Ph.D. and master disciplines.

An AssignmentHelp.ae will be able to help you, no matter what the topic is. Not only that, but they also guarantee unlimited requests for revisions. You can complete a standard paper in a few hours, but the level of the writing does have a say in the deadline. It all depends on what you need- for instance, a couple of days may be taken by a dissertation.

So, why are they a reliable option? Well, Quora users state that 97% of the deadlines are met by the writers, making them an option you can rely on. What’s more, AssignmentHelp.ae have been in the industry for writing essays for over 15+ years.


  • Revisions are unlimited
  • Customer support is reliable
  • 24/7 service
  • Guaranteed grades


  • Less cost-effective compared to alternative choices available.
  • Revisions can take at least a day


This is a great choice for college-going students and more. AssignmentMaker’s prices per page start at 40 DHS, making it a more budget-friendly option than AssignmentHelp.ae. Assignment Maker’s company consists of freelance writers who have academic backgrounds in verifiable disciplines.

Writers here are experts at delivering essays in any format, including Chicago, MLA, and APA. All academic levels are also covered from graduate school to high school, so you always have multiple options whenever you need them. Twenty-four hours a day of customer service is offered by AssignmentMaker.ae.

If you’re not happy with the results of your efforts, why not take advantage of our money-back guarantee? Of course, you can get your essay faster for an additional fee, but the standard delivery is about 30 days. Even so, feel free to request free extras like outlines, bibliographies, and title pages. This can save up even more time.


  • Caters to all academic levels
  • Guarantees money back
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Add-ons are free


  • If you want to avail of faster delivery, it will cost you
  • Standard delivery can go up to 30 days


Ask Quora to grade the assignment writing service that is their favorite, and we guarantee that EssayWriting has a spot on the list. EssayWriting.ae is an assignment writing resource for UAE college students that can be invaluable in their writing game.

The company’s professional writers have expertise in a variety of writing genres, including but not limited to standard essays, case studies, literature reviews, dissertations, and theses. Prices are even more affordable, starting at AED 30, making this paper writing service worth it if you’re trying to save the extra quid.

The assignment services that they offer also include a bibliography, title page, outline, and free plagiarism check. They provide a guarantee of 100% money-back and on-time delivery. You pay nothing if the requirements are not met or if you’re not satisfied. Great stuff!


  • Guaranteed money back
  • Revisions are unlimited
  • Prices are affordable
  • All writing types and academic levels are covered
  • All UAE students get expert writing facilities.


  • 20+ days is the standard delivery


 EssayMaker.ae definitely needs a place on our list. Very affordable and cheap prices are offered by the company, starting at only around AED 9. A multitude of writing types and topics are covered by the reliable Academic Writers who have verifiable credentials.

You can choose a turnaround time of 3 hours for an additional fee, which will still let you meet deadlines on impending. For plagiarism, all work is scanned diligently, so as many revisions as necessary can be requested by you in that time period.

You are welcome to get in touch with the customer support team 24/7, or contact the writers confidentially.


  • Revisions are unlimited
  • Customer support is great
  • Prices are affordable
  • 3-hour turnaround option


  • All writers for academic assistance hire are native English speakers
  • The faster delivery services require an additional fee


In search of a person to handle your assignment writing in Dubai? Search no more, as we possess the ideal team for the task at hand. Calling  DissertationHelp.ae for their assignment help services because they are the best at what they do.

Reliable, affordable, and cheap, with MBA paper writers, is based in Dubai, UAE.  DissertationHelp.ae also has one of the most informative and beautiful websites that we have happened to come across. 

Dissertation Help earned the top reputation of a trustworthy service with professional academic writers on their team.  DissertationHelp continues to stand out among the rest with years and years of experience in offering writing facilities in the UAE. Visit the website and see for yourself the perks that are offered.


  • Quality assurance and professionalism
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Website services are all encrypted
  • All services have flexible pricing


  • Lesser attraction from post-graduate students


Every writing service on the world wide web stands out in its unique professional way. GulfWriter.com is no exception! Although the services are cheap, they have top-rated essay writers on board.

Even some of the highest-rated services don’t put up a fight against what this agency provides. You can tell that the hearts of many students on Quadra are won through GulfWriter services. To outshine your classmates, the standard for the quality of work is run through 34different hands before it is received in your inbox.

The professionals at Gulf Writer are fluent in English as their first language and have a comprehensive knowledge of the English language. Another great news- they cater to your budget. Let this reputable writing company take care of all your writing challenges and watch them disappear.


  • Offer Master Thesis papers
  • Editing services for any paper
  • Proofreading services are offered
  • Excellent with Ph.D. dissertations


  • The graphics on the website may be unnecessary and a turn-off


‘Who will help me do my assignment?’

Any of the sites on our list can. Tell them your requirements. You can do so by filling out order instructions and details, then uploading any additional material and files. You can then click on ‘Place an order or ‘Order now.’

What are some other features and benefits I need to look out for?

The writers’ profiles on hand will help you in hiring the best, especially judging from the completion rates and client reviews. You will likely want to hire again, seeing how impeccable their work may be. Upon doing so, consider exploring the various benefits and features that may be essential for your needs.

  • Free revisions
  • Safe payments
  • Skilled writers
  • Free plagiarism report
  • Anonymity
  • All-round support

Which services do I contact for urgent homework writing?

If you don’t want to write an assignment but you’re looking for some help with it, then you can pretty much contact any of the writers on our list. The team of their academic homework writers can create content of any complexity while fulfilling all your requirements and needs.

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Final verdict

Let any of these UAE homework writing services bring out the best in your grades through writing services that are completely high-end. All websites on our list are game changers.

The expectations of many students across the years continue to be superseded with their brilliant facilities. So get started on your assignments by getting in touch with any of the websites o our list.

A company that goes through research effectively and fast ensures that a high score is achieved by you. All the directions and loops which are important for research need to be discovered by assignment assistance.

No assignment should be able to weigh down professional assistance writers. When you assign a new project to any of the services on our list, they will summarize all services into a high-quality paper.

The results will be worth it every time, even though it may take a few hours for you to land upon the facilities you trust the most. Good things take time- remember that!

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