How To Clean an Electric Kettle with Baking Soda

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The Electric Kettle, the sole frequently utilized kitchen appliance, is commonly overlooked in terms of cleaning and upkeep. There are several ways to clean but knowing How to clean an electric kettle with baking soda is important.

Cleaning with baking soda is usually understood as a complex process but there’s no big theory behind it. Achieving this task is a breeze with just a handful of straightforward actions.

This article helps you to understand the methods of cleaning with an easy and understandable process.

The Need to Clean an Electric Kettle

No doubt, an electric kettle is a daily use appliance, and it must be washed regularly. Have you ever thought of a reason why just washing isn’t enough? The presence of water in the kettle is the reason for boiling.

Water has some sort of hardness that causes it to deposit minerals inside the kettle. These minerals can be calcium, magnesium, or phosphorus. It accumulates inside in the form of plaques, not in a day but over time. From the outside, it can take away the shine of your kettle whether it is of glass or stainless steel.

How to Clean the Electric kettle from Inside

As I already mentioned the agents above, hence the complete method will be discussed here.

With Baking Soda

Baking soda is widely recognized for its effective cleaning capabilities on a variety of surfaces.

  • To start cleaning your kettle, first, unplug the kettle.
  • Then prepare the solution by taking 2 tbsp of soda into 1 whole cup of water.
  • Pour this solution into the kettle and then bring it to boil and left it for half or one hour.
  • Throw this solution and rinse well.
  • If the residues are still in place, you can make a paste of soda by adding water in 2 tb spoons of soda until a thick paste is formed. By delicately brushing the interior of the kettle with a soft toothbrush, the residue will effortlessly be removed.
  • Now boil fresh water 2 more times to rinse off the smell of baking soda and rinse it.
  • Dry the kettle by wiping it off with a microfiber cloth. You’re ready to use your kettle.

A Mineral Dissolving Power of Vinegar

Vinegar is said to be an acetic acid i.e. it has an acidic component in it which is the best cleaning reagent.

  • Take vinegar in 2/4 proportion of water and then pour this into your kettle.
  • It should be enough to cover your bottom and half of your kettle.
  • Bring it to a boil and let it sit for 3-4 hours for better results.
  • Discard this solution and rinse it well.
  • Now boil fresh water 2 more times to rinse off its sour taste, and it is ready to use.

 Lemon – Anti-bacterial cleaning Agent

Lemon has also an acidic component so it can be used as a cleaning agent. Just cut the slices of lemon and soak them in the water, poured already in your kettle. Boil the water with lemons inside it and let it cool down. Discard this lemon-soaked water and rinse well. After that wipe off with the microfiber cloth and you’ll see amazing results.

Coke – A Great Stain Removal

Coke is a combination of different sorts of acids which makes it a great cleaning reagent. It works on tough stains and dissolves rust and minerals. To make it work on your kettle, boil it in your kettle and after some time just throw it off. Rinse well then boil with fresh water 1 or 2 times just to make sure the taste of coke has gone. Wipe off with the microfiber cloth.

Cleaning with a Ketchup, Is that Real?

You won’t believe this but ketchup has the competency to wipe off the dirt and clean the things. You’ll not be surprised if you know the ingredients of ketchup.

Ketchup is made of vinegar and tomatoes, both have an acidic component i.e. the acetic acid that works similarly to vinegar. Just leave the ketchup on the inside walls of your kettle and leave it overnight. In the morning just wash this ketchup off and boil some fresh water to eliminate the residues. Wipe off with the microfiber cloth and it’s ready to use.

The basic thing is to boil fresh water two additional times in every method to eliminate the odor and taste of the reagent used.

How to clean an Electric Kettle outside

Make sure to disconnect the electric supply then start wiping off the outer surface. It can be done by rubbing with bicarbonate paste made with water. Clean the surface by using a damp cloth to remove any residue, then swiftly dry it with a microfiber cloth. This returns the shine to its original way.


Descaling an electric kettle is important to help improve its efficiency and last it long. There are several basic items with which you can clean your electric kettle. The article offers instructions on effectively descaling an electric kettle using baking soda and various cleaning agents. Baking soda is far more-cheaper and more durable than all. Provide us with your feedback that which method works best for you.

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