LinkedIn stands as a formidable platform, empowering professionals across the globe to forge valuable connections, discover exciting job prospects, and propel their careers to new heights. It serves as a dynamic space where individuals can cultivate meaningful relationships within their respective industries, spotlight their unique skills and talents, and embark on a journey of endless opportunities. While LinkedIn offers numerous advantages, there are times when you may wish to view someone’s profile discreetly. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of viewing a LinkedIn profile in private mode, ensuring that your browsing remains confidential.

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Understanding LinkedIn Private Mode

LinkedIn’s Private Mode, also referred to as Anonymous LinkedIn Viewing, enables you to peruse other users’ profiles without disclosing your identity. Instead of displaying your name, LinkedIn presents your visit as “LinkedIn Member.” This feature offers privacy and discretion, safeguarding your online activities. However, it is crucial to use this feature responsibly and respectfully, avoiding any misuse or unethical behavior.

Reasons to Use Private Mode

Here are several common scenarios in which you might find LinkedIn’s Private Mode useful:

Avoiding Unwanted Attention

If you’re exploring job opportunities while currently employed, you may prefer not to alert your current employer. Private Mode helps maintain your confidentiality.

Researching Competitors

In a competitive industry, researching your competitors on LinkedIn can provide valuable insights. Private Mode allows you to conduct this research discreetly.

Preventing Awkward Situations

Occasionally, you may come across the LinkedIn profile of someone you know but would rather not let them know you’re browsing their profile. Private Mode can help you avoid potentially uncomfortable situations.

How to View LinkedIn Profiles in Private Mode

Let’s delve into a detailed step-by-step guide on how to activate LinkedIn’s Private Mode for discreet profile viewing:

  1. Access Your LinkedIn Account: Begin by visiting and logging into your account. Make sure you are signed in to gain full access to all the platform’s features and settings.
  2. Locate the Profile of Interest: Utilize the search bar conveniently located at the top of the LinkedIn homepage to find the profile of the individual you intend to view discreetly.
  3. Open the Desired Profile: Once you have identified the target profile, simply click on it to open and explore its contents.
  4. Access “Settings & Privacy”: Navigate to the upper right corner of your screen, where you’ll find the “Me” icon. Click on this icon, and a drop down menu will elegantly appear. Within this menu, select “Settings & Privacy.”
  5. Navigate to the “Privacy” Section: On the left-hand side of the subsequent screen, you will encounter a menu featuring an array of privacy settings. Click on the “Privacy” tab within this menu.
  6. Select “Profile Viewing Options“: In the section labeled “How others see your LinkedIn activity,” you’ll find a link titled “Profile viewing options.” Proceed by clicking on this link.
  7. Opt for “Private Mode“: Within the “Profile viewing options” section, you will be presented with various privacy settings. Here, opt for “Private mode” to enable anonymous profile viewing.
  8. Save Your Preferences: Finally, ensure that your selected preferences are saved and applied by clicking the “Save” button. This action secures your settings, allowing you to confidently explore profiles on LinkedIn without revealing your identity.

By meticulously following these steps, you can navigate LinkedIn with the utmost discretion, preserving your privacy and professionalism. This empowers you to explore profiles without leaving any trace of your identity, enhancing your overall LinkedIn experience.

What Happens When You View a Profile in Private Mode?

When you utilise LinkedIn’s private mode to view a profile, your identity, including your name and other identifying details, remains concealed from the individual whose profile you’re perusing. However, LinkedIn doesn’t keep this entirely secret; it discreetly indicates that someone has visited their profile by displaying “LinkedIn Member” as the viewer. This way, the person whose profile you’re exploring won’t have access to your precise identity, but they will be notified that their profile has attracted interest from a LinkedIn user. This subtle notification ensures transparency while preserving your privacy as a viewer.

When to Use Private Mode

While Private Mode is a valuable feature for discreet profile viewing, it’s essential to use it responsibly and ethically. Consider employing Private Mode in these situations:

When you wish to remain anonymous: Whether you’re researching competitors or exploring job opportunities, Private Mode helps maintain your anonymity.

When researching someone you know: If you’re investigating the profile of an acquaintance or colleague without wanting to reveal your interest, Private Mode can help you do so discreetly.


Using LinkedIn’s Private Mode allows you to browse profiles confidentially, safeguarding your privacy while accessing valuable information. By adhering to the steps outlined in this article and exercising responsible use, you can confidently explore LinkedIn profiles without compromising your professionalism or ethical standards.